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AAML - Southern California Chapter Officials 2019-2020

      Eleanor A. Stegmeier - President

      Philip G. Seastrom- Past President

      Neil Raymond Hersh- President Elect

      Scott H. Finkbeiner - Vice President/Programs

      Robert C. Benavente - Treasurer

      Sharon Bryan - Vice President/Memberships

      Scott M. Klopert - Secretary

      William Glucksman - Legal Officer



Board of Directors

Judi Curtin

Patrick DeCarolis

Ira Friedman

Richard Hyatt

Annette Hall Neville

Brian Seastrom


Past Presidents

      Jeff M. Sturman (2017-2018)

      Robert C. Brandt (2016-2017)

      Emily Shappell Edelman (2015-2016)
      Hildy L. Fentin (2014-2015)
      Gregory W. Herring (2013-2014)
      Michael A. Morris (2012-2013)
      Thomas L. Simpson (2011-2012)
      Sharon A. Blanchet (2010-2011)
      William J. Glucksman (2009-2010)
      Saul M. Gelbart (2008-2009)
      Don Mike Anthony (2007-2008) *Deceased
      Peter M. Walzer (2006-2007)
      Harold J. Stanton (2005-2006)
      Janis K. Stocks (2004-2005)
      Bruce E. Cooperman (2003-2004)
      Nicholas A. Leto, Jr. (2002-2003)
      Edward J. Thomas (2001-2002)
      Norman Dolin (2000-2001) *Deceased
      James Veltmann (1999-2000) *Deceased
      Suzanne Harris (1998-1999) 
      William Bush (1997-1998)
      Ronald W. Anteau (1996-1997)
      Robert C. Wood (1995-1996)
      Stephen A. Kolodny (1994-1995)
      James A. Hennenhoefer (1993-1994) *Deceased
      Thomas P. Stabile (1992-1993)
      Ira H. Lurvey (1991-1992) *Deceased
      Ronald A. Rosenfeld (1990-1991)
      James K. Batchelor (1989-1990) *Deceased
      Jan C. Gabrielson (1988-1989)
      Sandra J. Morris (1987-1988)
      Stuart B. Walzer (1985-1987) *Deceased




The Southern California Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer supported the following organizations:

Kid's Turn San Diego: Kid's Turn is the only program in San Diego county working with the whole family to achieve a child centered and healthy divorce. Its programs are known throughout the United States and have been in San Diego since 1996. It is a low cost solution for families experiencing the pain of divorce or separation. While many of Kid's Turn families are court ordered, a growing number of families are taking Kid's Turn workshops because of the recommendation of an attorney, teacher and counselor or because of their own desire to make this traumatic life change as healthy for their families as possible.

Center for Community Solutions in San Diego: Since 1969, the Center for Community Solutions has been creating safe and healthy communities with a core emphasis on the treatment and prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence.

Hannah's House at Real Solutions Center for Children in San Diego: Hannah's House insures that children are able to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents preserving the child's self-esteem and preventing future mental/emotional/physical health problems. Access to court ordered visitation for young children with a parent is often an issue of delayed or unavailable justice for parents and children. Hannah's House exists to provide these vulnerable children with a future full of promise to help children during the transition of divorce and separation.

Vista Hill Parent Care Family Recovery Center in San Diego: Vista Hill recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of serving San Diego county families struggling with substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness and related issues. In 1993, in recognition of the growing crisis of drug addicted new borns, Vista Hill committed to serving San Diego=s regions most at risk families. Since that time, the Vista Hill Parent Care Family Recovery Center has provided substance abuse recovery and parenting services to pregnant and parenting women; fathers/partners; newborn infants and young children in East San Diego county and nearby regions. The majority of parent care families are involved in either the Family Court or juvenile court dependency system and are often referred by these courts.

Human Options Orange County: This is a battered women's shelter founded in 1981. It provides outreach help and runs two housing facilities, provides extensive counseling and helps residents obtain legal help. This is a well run organization dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the family home.

Levitt & Quinn Center in Los Angeles County: This center is devoted to providing attorneys to represent low and moderate income families with family law issues in the court system.

The Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law in Los Angeles County: The center protects victims of domestic violence and promotes the well being of children living in poverty. This center also provides free family law assistance and legal education to the public.

The Community Counseling and Parent Child Center at California Lutheran University in Ventura County: It is the clinical training site for the MFT program as well as for the new doctoral program in clinical psychology of CLU. It has a scholarship especially set aside for training for conducting custody evaluations in family law cases.