President's Blog

Our April 5, 2014 general meeting will feature "Family Law: A Cautionary Tale.” Suzanne Harris, Mike Kretzmer and Dr. Stan Katz will provide a discussion, including psychological insights, concerning the warning signs attorneys can watch for in their own clients or opposing parties of potential future bad acts (violence, kidnapping, etc).


We will have much to discuss beforehand during the general meeting. Among other things, I want to start cementing some projects, as this is our penultimate general meeting of our 2013-2014 year.


Our Chapter is being asked to weigh-in concerning two recent published appellate cases, Boblitt (post-judgment discovery in the family law context) and Davis (date of separation). Patrick DeCarolis has been following the state-wide Boblitt discussion, and I will weigh-in concerning Davis.


Suzanne Harris, Steve Wagner, Sheila Sonnenshine, Don Zelinsky and Saul Gelbart resurrected our Long Range Planning Committee. At our last meetings, we have lacked time to really dive into the Committee’s initial overview and report (attached). We will make that time at this meeting. Particularly interesting is the Committee’s idea of presenting no-charge seminars on family law basics.


Jim Hennenhofer’s idea of presenting a CLE program with another major partner, like Garrett Dailey, is a stand-alone issue for a separate discussion.


 2015 Institute of Trial Advocacy Deans, Marjorie Huntington, Karen Heffron & Warren Haviland are already substantially geared-up. They are eager to report, and also to receive your input -- now, before it might be too late!


Please recall that the default time for our CLE presentations is now one hour (10:30 – 11:30 a.m.). Lunches will start shortly after 11:30. Golfers, please contact Michael Fisher, who is organizing the post-lunch golf outing.


I look forward to seeing everyone on April 5. Your President, Greg Herring.


PS: You may want to see our Fellows battling it out before the California Supreme Court in Marriage of Valli on Thursday April 3rd st the Ronald Reagan State Office Building, 300 South Spring Street, Third Floor, North Tower.